Pleisure Marine Maintenance

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Call us today P: 08 9337 9569 M: 0403 740 001

Pre-Sale Tips

Weekly our services are obtained to carry out pre-purchase inspections for buyers. Quite often we come across boats that have had little to no mechanical maintenance carried out in the past twelve months.
We report on everything from the fluid condition, to the battery cables to the startup of the genset. If there are leaking hose clamps, high engine temps or no boost pressure upon sea trial this can make for a negative impact on the potential sale.
As the engines are a big part of the boat’s value we always recommend making sure all periodical maintenance has been carried out prior to sale. Even if it has been 6 months since it was last serviced, or you’ve had the hull cleaned it’s always a good idea to check over the hoses and clamps, check engine temps and load test the genset. This will give you peace of mind in knowing that the engines are in good working order and the new buyer will be able to ‘get on and go’.

A few helpful tips and suggestions when preparing your boat for sale;

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