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Call us today P: 08 9337 9569 M: 0403 740 001

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Preventative Maintenance

Just like your car, all mechanical aspects of your boat require regular and preventative maintenance to ensure peak performance. Negligence over the winter months is the most common cause of costly and inconvenient breakdowns during peak boating season.

Regular inspections of your vessel’s key components and checking of fluid levels and batteries as often as weekly or fortnightly are a must when it comes to proactively maintaining your vessel. Ensuring that the steering and throttles are working sufficiently, checking fuel and fluid levels and bilge pumps prior to using your vessel will avoid frustrating delays when heading out on the water for the weekend.

Manufacturer’s recommendation for servicing is annual or every 100 hours, whichever occurs first. Cooling systems require servicing every 5 years. This includes heat exchanges, intercoolers, engine oil coolers and gearbox oil coolers. Risers and manifolds are a replacement interim of 3-4 years regardless of engine hours.

Therefore, we urge customers to maintain a regular servicing schedule during the winter months. This gives ample time to inspect, repair or replace any necessary components prior to the summer peak season allowing a prompt and efficient turnaround.

Get in touch today to book in and ensure smooth sailing in the summer months.

Rainman Desalination Units

Rainman Watermakers are a compact and portable solution designed to generate a fresh water supply from salt or brackish water. Our system consists of a Pressure Supply Unit (PSU) which pressurizes the source water, and a Reverse Osmosis Unit, which desalinates the water with a membrane, removing impurities and creating fresh potable water. The optional Rainman flow gauge allows our system to be used in brackish or fresh water applications.

Built to last

We use only top quality components from the best manufacturers: Honda, DOW FILMTEC, General Pump, Jabsco. Our filters, membranes and replacement parts are non-proprietary for ease of service worldwide.


Our system can easily be transferred between boats or used in remote land based locations. You can even use Rainman as a salt water pressure washer with our optional pressure gun attachment.

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BIA Approved Repairer

Pleisure Marine Maintenance are the BIA’s newest Approved Repairer and one of only two in the South of Perth. By becoming a BIAWA Approved Repairer it means that the BIA has given our new Mechanical Workshop the stamp of approval, recommending our business to their Members and the general public.

As an Approved Repairer, we guarantee our workmanship, maintain a fair pricing policy, and also agree to follow the BIAWA Code of Practice. We are required to maintain standards in equipment and qualifications to remain accredited and are regularly audited by the BIA to ensure we continue to comply with their high standard of service and facilities.