MASE Generators

Mase Marine Generators feature low sound and vibration levels, efficient size and can be supplied with sound shields or in open frame configurations. Mase GenSets combine practical design with Italian style to create market leading diesel generators. With diesel-powered generators ranging from 5.5kW to 35kW in single phase output and 11.2kVA to 186kVA in three phase output. Mase GenSets are powered by reliable YANMAR and John Deere diesel engines. These diesel generators are designed and manufactured at Mase’s headquarters in Italy.

The new MASE Mariner is characterised by easy construction with quality and reliability. The most important features include the simple cooling system and a lighter chassis.  The soundproof cabin is painted with coloured livery that introduces for the first time the Italian style in the engine room.  The high continuous output power, the low fuel consumption, the respect for ecology (obtained by the last generation engines approved by the stricter U.S.rules) and quality of waveform are very important features of the “Mariner”

The most recent result of this specialisation backed by continuous research is the Mase Marine Division with its IS models, generator sets with innovative features which offer boatbuilders or those who already own boats the following advantages:

  • Extremely Easy Installation
  • High Efficiency And Performance Of The Generators
  • Very Quiet Operation
  • A Very Low Level Of Pollution, Demonstrating A Full Respect For The Environment.
  • Essential qualities that represent a new step forward in sailing throughout the world!

Mase Mariners come in a series single phase and series three phase.